Snowing in a small town called Vernon.

On the agenda this week… Shoveling snow + setting up the Western Digital 4TB MyBook and 4TB MyCloud.

De-Construct the Raid array in the MSI GT780DXR/ Re set up Intel 530 series ssd 240gb/Main + add 1 TB/Storage,

System is formatted and it’s zippy fast. Will give it the week to iron out the kinks + then acronis image my drive for ease of anything to go wrong later down the road saving me time getting back up and running.

Gave a system to a family member hence the reasons reformatting my old P35 DiamondFlower motherboard once again. It had a visit to one of the computer stores in Vernon (no names involved) and didn’t like its visit.

Not here to trash business ethics but totally surprised as to how a generic under rated power supply can cost over $100- How it is a computer store has no idea to secure erase a ssd drive clean? But is willing to charge me $100 an hour to figure it out. How it is they can charge the prices they do for the services they don’t provide. I guess it is time to throw an ad in the paper and welcome customers. I truly wonder what it is they do for complete network installations for businesses and corporations.

photo (1)


Today is the first day “startyourcomputer” has actually so to speak opened its doors.

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