Does your wifi SUCK? If so wake up and use a powerline adapter

So , we all get a little choked when our wifi does not work or give us the SPEED we need. My son was complaining that he could not get enough solid trigger finger action playing XBOX 360 games online with his buddies. I wondered whether the wife router we have provided via Telus would have the range to reach him up 2 floors in a media room.

Rather than waste time with a extender I decided to go with a powerline adapter. We have now been running this 4 port unit for the past year and have had consistent fast speed supplied to 4 devices in the room. So if you are fed up and ready to throw your laptop/gaming console or computer out the window give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised. Easy to follow instructions and a quick set up get you back on track with blazing speeds!

Dlink AV500 4 Port

Author – Cisco Kidd


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