Shaw Free Website disappoints…

inner web

Once upon a time all you needed was an internet account with Shaw to use this free service. Shaw provided extra email accounts for space that can be compiled into more storage towards the webspace. It seems they have X’ed the legacy account which allowed users to use a shaw ftp and build what you want. Now let me say they do provide a service for people that have no idea what code/ html is so they created a cookie cutter template factory for idiots to use.

Here its still available?  I cannot get in with my new updated Shaw package. That’s what she said.

What they provide now dated 1/14/2015 today date.. Is arghhhhhhh makes me so angry…. Cookie cutter blog templates really? Not even a blank page to create something for the person who thinks outside the box? What the hell are we zombies.

“It’s about sharing.” Oh yup Shaw its about sharing………. my a$$.

Whether it’s a special occasion, a special event or a special interest that you want to share, Shaw Webspace offers you a new and simple way to share online.

There’s no software to install and Webspace is included at no charge with Shaw Internet service.

With Shaw Webspace you can:

  • Share galleries created in Photo Share or Video Mail
  • Create your own Web pages using our simple page creation tool
  • Start a Blog
  • Password protect your Webspace so only friends and family can view it or you can choose to share it with the whole world

To add things to your Webspace, visit your site. Adding photos, videos, and more all happens right in your site.

Your site’s address:

So off to buy some space to host a site thanks shaw i don’t pay enough monthly as it is Shaw you disappoint me and let me down. From 90% of searching endless thread its not only me who is pissed off at the way you run your new ways.

If this was a Review i would have to give it a big thumbs down



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