YawCam Review

What is Yawcam?
Yawcam is a shortening for Yet Another WebCAM software, and that’s exactly what it is 😉
More precise Yawcam is a webcam software for windows written in java. The main ideas for Yawcam are to keep it simple and easy to use but to include all the usual features.

Yawcam is completely free to use! …but if you find this software useful, please consider to make a donation to support cancer research.

Yawcam features:
.: Video streaming
.: Image snapshots
.: Built-in webserver
.: Motion detection
.: Ftp-upload
.: Text and image overlays
.: Password protection
.: Online announcements for communities
.: Scheduler for online time
.: Time lapse movies
.: Run as a Windows service
.: Multi languages

screen3 screen4 screen6 screen9

This little piece of software can be used as a live webcam feed. It has the ability to allow certain users by ip + passwords to view what you have to show. It is a very cool program that is by donation.  I was in need of webcam program due to my laptops software not allowing my original to even correctly work.  This is a 10 out of 10 Review


Author Jaycky


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