i’m loving it

So I bought a house.

Does that mean I grew up… Nope had a few before. Was just  getting sick of living in a caravan like a gypsy.  The bare knuckle fights was fun but its costly as %$ck to get teeth stuck back in your head! I spent a few months looking at renting and to no avail could i find anything that wasn’t a cockroach rat dive for under $1800 a month. Do not even wanna tell about the $650-900 range (threw up in my mouth a little thinking back on it). The last bit that threw the tables was for me the news hour that came on and some family with kids moved into a garbage part of town, yeah i know, but still she shouldn’t have got ravished by bed bugs that lived in the place. Yep i was saying screw this…. So i started to scour real estate in the okanagan valley knowing that if i found a place that had a separate suite i could rent out my mortgage basically.

This is where it gets totally demented. I found a place it was not even a year old~ under warranty and pretty up and up for the okanagan area. I sealed the deal and was playing the waiting game for occupancy day. 3 weeks before the move in part of the basement flooded and not just water but black water (that term used in rv-ing). Not a good thing. I tried to back out but was facing a legal battle of getting sued for not completing the contract. Now what makes this whole thing kind of funny was i wanted to gut the lower suite and Reno it anyways. Remediation contractors got to work on place and were doing a garbage job along with the subcontractors.  I had to just sit tight and bite my tongue. Nearing the end finishing work i just couldn’t take it anymore and snapped. I contacted the owner and said i would take the place as is downstairs just tell  everyone to walk the hell away let me in asap so i can get to work. Well keys in hand place was mine and i have an amazing tenant upstairs that pays and is clean. I spent long hours doing the place as i wanted (own labor) saved myself a great deal of issues. Currently living in the space and yea I’m loving it…

Its kind of surreal to be living in my own pad again since i was seriously thinking of just moving to Bali and living my life on a surfboard.

Well its almost 2016 so i should really get back at this blog-vlog..               So much more to tell. But here are some during images the befores are not even worth viewing. Worst part of being in a small town is nothing is in when you need it. I had to make many things like the clawfoot tub shower ring out of copper pipe, in the end i like my creation better than the store bought. Still in the process of finishing it but currently in it!

Hope you enjoyed some personal images  into my life- my pad-my reno.



Oh and since this is a review thing blog type of place .. I will let you know i had to move the tv hence the SONORA SAG64 TV BRACKET REVIEW again if i never see this bracket again in my entire life i will be a happy man. When i sell the house the bracket and tv can go with….. That is how much I hate the Sonara SAG64 Tv bracket…








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