Youtube channel. Subscribers & Views

How much does YouTube pay partners for their content?

Well, that’s a very open-ended question, but I would try my best to answer it.
Firstly, let’s debunk some of the popular myths about how people earn from YouTube.


Myth #1: More subscribers= More revenue
Reality: There’s absolutely no relation between subscribers and revenue. You can have 100K subscribers, and still make 1000$, and someone could have 10,000 subscribers and still make 1000$.
I’ll explain it soon.
Myth #2: More views= More revenue
Reality: The number of views might be a good enough metric to decide how much a video is going to make, but it’s still not a solid metric to base your calculations.
Doesn’t make sense?
Well, allow me to explain.

YouTube Revenue Model Explained:

YouTube does not pay on how many subscribers you have or how many people share your video. Instead, it pays you from the share it earns from showing ads on your video.

The metric that you should actually consider is CPC. CPC (Cost Per Click):The amount Google makes every time an ad is displayed. Now, the tricky part is that CPC is not fixed. It keeps varying, and depends on many extrinsic factors like timing, content and affiliation.

For example, as Geoffrey Reemer mentioned in his answer, the CPC of ads increases during holiday times, and drops during a certain time of the year.

Google has fabricated its YouTube revenue model as something like this:

  • It takes 45% of revenue received from Google ads
  • The rest 55% is given to the YouTube channel, which is then split between the YouTube partner and video creator.

So, the amount of $$$ that you’ll make depends not on the number of views or subscribers, but based on how astutely your partner places the ads, and how well they are received.

According to fair estimates from a popular advertising blog, here’s how the stats roll out based on the type of ads:

  • Pre-roll ads: $5/1000 views
  • Banner ads: 0.80/1000 view


  1. You have affiliated with a YouTube partner. As      a matter of fact, you do not need to partner with a network to start      earning. Read more about how you can apply, here.
  2. Your YouTube channel has 1 million      subscribers, and your channel a conversion ratio of at least 40%, which      means at least 400K subscribers would watch your video.
  3. Banner ads and pre-roll ads are normalized.

Total earnings= (Conversion Ratio * Number of Subscribers) * Ad-specific CPC
= ((40* 10,00,000)/100) * ((0.80+5)/2)/1000
= (40* 10,000) * 2.9/1000
= $1160

That’s just a rough estimate though, based on my above assumptions. You can earn a lot more by partnering with the right network and normalizing ads for maximum conversions.

Here’s a great infographic on how much popular YouTube channels around the world are making, with the top earners receiving more than $100,000 in ad revenues.

If u want to detail study about it then ..

Yes, You Can Make Six Figures As A YouTube Star … And Still End Up Poor
How Much YouTube Paid me for 4 Million Views, Alternate Ways to Earn Money from Videos



Link info taken from



Now with this all said this year 2016 I will be trying out getting a new fully immersed Youtube Channel off the ground. No ideas on what or how but  with it i will be doing giveaways for certain amount subscribers and such. I will be back to reassess this post. And tell if its worth it or not.


Dated 12/11/2015


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