vintage light bulbs




Loving these spiral vintage light bulbs.

They say 40 Watts but really feel like 20 Watts. The low burning glow created sets a final mood.


At $11- each bulb IMO they worth it but on another note they have stubby fat little glass that may be hard to fit into certain sockets. If  doing DIY mason jars they will work on certain styles, On store bought lighting the outer surrounding the sockets on my lighting had to be revised. I could’ve gone back and returned for other style lights that woul have fit but after seeing the look of these had to make them work no matter what.


Scale out  of 1 -10?

I give these cool satco vintage bulbs a 10. Even though they didn’t fit the outer shell of my lighting sockets a little work and they are the coolest.

Total cost to date for this setup:

-Bulbs $100 with taxes

-Lighting fixture $100 with taxes

-Ceramic extenders for inner sockets $50 with taxes

-DIY Copper pipe soldier and mounts /screws $65-

Was it worth it? YES…







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