Epoxy Floors + Epoxy Counter-tops

Not sure where to start this but have been busy renovating  with this new purchase of place.


DIY level is sorta kinda. Skill level will have to be organized.

Will it be perfect? Probably not, meaning break out the wet sanding papers and elbow grease.

Problems i had with mine was as you can see in picture the green painters tape the epoxy lapped upwards creating a lip that needed to be sanded out. While i was sanding i figured would do the whole works.

Buffing & polishing re- wet sanding, following the proper paper levels in order to get a polished look.


in the end result I found the sheen you get from a fresh epoxy pour once you start to wet sand and no matter how or what you use to polish you will never get that same freshly poured sheen!

The only way would be sand out imperfections and re-pour another epoxy coat. I tried on the sink side after sanding close to being perfect a  polyurethane clear gloss and it is the easiest closest thing to the fresh pour i was talking about. After testing it through heat, wet  & warm pots its resilient to anything you can throw at it.

The wood is bamboo and took forever to get the darkened stain look in the pictures.  Bamboo is one dense wood..

But with the white high gloss epoxy floors and the high gloss epoxy counter tops this place has taken shape with the minimalist look i was after. The rich redness and scratches on the last image with camera are soon to be (scratches) sanded out and recovered with a polyurethane for the rich the rich wet gloss look as the other side is.



What would i do differently if i was to do this again?

Probably nothing really!

I like the way it turned out and thought this plan out way in advance before starting this project. I knew i had to join each counter top once the lower cabinets were attached and finalized. The very last coat was going to be an epoxy coat to blend all as one.


The epoxy product nu luster 55 used for the counter-tops is a real thick resin.


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