2015 ends with a goodbye



A lot of things on the agenda for 2016 Canada may pass weed as being a legal substance? Just think of the jobs created…. Sign me up.

But on another toke i mean note… Things could look up.

I will be doing tons more video reviews set up with models and such.

Cats will be doing clothing costume reviews seems i have many suppliers sending costumes for the Chilly Cold Austin and Renwich the Bengal  cats at a non stop rate to my mailbox for its full weekly with packages!

Thanks Reviews will be in the new year 2016.

Now if someone wants to support the kitty litter and food habit send on.

Snows fallen and its cold here looking forwards to summer already. And thats all for this last post of the 2015.


chilly cold

Now just imagine trying to put clothing on this cat?





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