everyone is a photographer these days

No no no you’re not…….



You can buy a DSLR and still you aren’t a photographer sorry to tell you this.

I have googled this link googled and read some great reading material for days.

Once you have spent years in photoshop, lightroom or any other editing software get back to me.  Along with the software you should get into a serious computer system and some back up drives to protect your work. All this money  + time invested and still most really good photographs/ers  don’t make the cutting block and see a dime back ever. Or they sell themselves so cheap they can’t make rent or they live in moms and dads house still.

Sometimes I am so annoyed that everyone thinks they are a photographer. No you are NOT. I practiced day n night for years and still in process and worked professionally to have the right to call myself a professional. I actually know how to use all buttons on my camera and I don’t need big cameras to make myself look like a tourist.

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Approach your photography in a similar way and you’ll stop worrying about that fact that everyone has a camera and start focusing on what you can produce with yours. And don’t allow yourself to be “just” a photographer, but instead pursue being the best at a particular type and style.


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People want to be liked. I want to be liked and you want to be liked.

But people have boring jobs or jobs that they’re not passionate about.

Waiters and waitresses, banktellers, doctors, pharmaceutical salespeople, teachers, even musicians…

I have friends with all of the above job descriptions who would rather be photographers.

Some of them make far more money than photographers.

So what’s the deal?

No one tells them “You really killed it today, waiting those tables.”

No one gets 1,000 likes for teaching a kindergarten class.

No doctor gets over 300 likes when he saves a life.

Sure, we all know that saving a life is more important than photography and teaching is an incredible profession.

But those doctors and teachers and waiters are just like you and me. They want to be known, seen and heard.

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My thoughts is if you want to get into the photo business learn it appreciate it read up on other professionals. Find someone you like and find your own style. Dump piles of money into gear and learn how to develop print what you create and have some shows.

Maybe you will make it?

But by the love of god stop this madness. This probably would’ve been a cool image if it weren’t for the unnecessary ridiculous post-processing shenanigans.






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