Buying used items in small towns … Part B

Be it a good deal, or a great deal always look at the negative side if you want to protect yourself.

Over the Christmas holidays best buy had the Roomba 650 on sale for $350.

They sold out all over very immediately.  I scoured the used sections of craigslist, castanet, Kijiji and other places. Finally few days after Christmas low and behold i found the roomba ad posted.

For sale: Roomba 650 bought it for our old mother in law and she didn’t like it so we selling it used once. $350-


I immediately emailed and said I’d take it!  We met up box looked new, Roomba looked new or like it had been used once. She fed me the story that mother inlaw had thick wool carpets and it didn’t work for her so they bought her a dyson vacuum instead. She had a nice car, a kid in front seat and looked like a normal lady. I paid her the $350 and left.

When home opened the box up to realize it was missing the 2 virtual wall pieces?  I didn’t really need these anyways so just moved ahead with programming the roomba and let it do its work.  After 3 days I realized it was not doing its full hour of work that it said it was supposed to do or even 45 minutes…

After the week it would hardly make 15 minutes before re docking itself. I then started to think to myself did this lady sell me her old Roomba 650 after buying a new one? Kept the extra 2 virtual wall pieces and made her money back all the way round?

I emailed and no reply.

Lesson learned here I have realized people are completely cheap and seek the trusting.

If it looks to good to be true it usually is not true.

This is the last time i will be buying used gear off anyone again no matter how hot the deal…

Which brings us to Part A…

ROOMBA Battery Replacement PART A





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