Roomba battery replacement… Part A

Pwr+ Extended Capacity Replacement Battery

Compatibility: Roomba 500, 600,  700 and 800 Series

The Pwr+ replacement battery is at a slightly higher price-point than the Tenergy battery pack, but does offer a substantial increase in quality. Despite going for close to $40 per pack, Pwr+ is still a much more affordable option than purchasing from iRobot directly. It also has some nice “extra” features that set it apart from some of the competition.

First and foremost, this is a reputable company with a good track record with Roomba devices. Pwr+ products are certified by a number of trade associations and promise a 50% greater “useful” battery life than the original factory Roomba batteries. Best of all, they have a 30 day money back gaurantee, should anything be clearly wrong. Furthermore, they have excellent phone support and offer free exchanges within the first year of ownership. They also offer to pay for the shipping.

Pwr+ was actually the first after-market battery pack we had to purchase after our Roomba 630’s battery died and it has lasted us for over two years and still going strong! If you are looking for a combination of quality without breaking the bank, this is the best roomba replacement battery option. Visit our link below for the latest pricing. Usually orders qualify for free shipping, which can actually make it almost as affordable as the Tenergy.

Follow Part B as to why i am replacing this battery.





Rating this battery it was a savings. Purchased from amazon at $55-Canadaian dollars included free shipping (regularly $72.) So far it has been working like its supposed to be.


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