Support your community? Really?

Where I live people don’t support small businesses. Everyone shops wall-mart and the other big box stores for the deals. The parking lots are loaded 24-7.  My hatred for these big box stores is pretty hostile. They destroy small business owners.

Truth is deals honesty are not deals. I’ve walked through and 98% of the place is littered with crap. But hey people like to buy crap!

And I’ve really tried to be a better person and support more small business in my town but coming from a large city recently knowing what I can get for my dollar in the big city vs for dollar I can get in this small town. Note to small business owners get with the times.  I worked for some small mom and pop companies back in Vancouver. They kept very busy by keeping much of the product that other big box stores had lower (just don’t mark up items through the roof/ Everyone wants a deal!). 



  • Lack of Selection.
  • Overpriced and out of control.
  • Out of date products (2012 models in 2015).
  • Shit Products.
  • Piss Poor wages for employees.
  • Get with the times people.





I have turned to buying 80% of my items needed online supporting I have no idea? But if I am saving money and time whatever… I don’t care anymore. That kind of mentality if everyone has just doesn’t make any sense for the future.  The local news more theft and violence happening. And the economy is only getting worse.  But as I travel out of town for a proper wage where the work thrives….  In the hopes one day I can create a prosperous little family run business that supports the community and locals with proper wages for the people. I keep hearing my boss telling me spend some of that money locally to support where that money comes from…


Where is this world going these days?






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