GoPro3+ Black not working/freezing after Philippines dive

Have had this camera for a few years and never had an issue till of recently. Funny thing is I just lent this camera and waterproof case to my buddy on his diving trip to the Philippines. I know I am pretty good about keeping the battery fully charged always but when it came back to me it was bone dead. Lots of glitches can happen when a battery dies possibly when the camera was on or not..

So onto these following steps…

Just did a reset where you pull the battery and hold record and power on while adding back the battery to the GoPro and still no go.

When turning on the unit freezes can’t even shut it off.

Currently using a 32GB sd card in the GoPro3+ black edition. I had another 8GB SD card and adapter card reader for the laptop so figured it had to be the sd card.

Added the 8GB and it worked fine. I installed the 32GB into the adapter then into the computer and did a quick format. Result is its like it always was.

I see many people blaming the camera with same issues on YouTube. If anyone stumbles onto this site try the SD card format first and it helps to format on both sides the gopro format feature is great but it is nice to have a card reader to do with the laptop in a pinch like this…


Hope this helps someone…


And last but not least some diving picsG0027021.JPG


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