quotes to live by….

I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein

committed myself to starting and doing a VLOG as of 2016 January 1 .

I wasn’t sure it was something i wanted to commit  myself to but gave it a long hard thoughts in 2015 and figured it would make me follow through things that i needed to accomplish and follow through making me a better person in the end.

Essentially me sharing my life with the world heck why not. The people i have met i have left an impact on hope to give back some way to others.

I know if i was still living in the big city it  would be so easy to do a vlog with so many things going on. Now that i am in a little town in the okanagan i have to work a little harder on blogging to make interesting content but i strive for it. Wish me luck. Just means more trips and new people to meet. Hence my quote above…


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